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Design Options
At StoneandGardens we offer a no obligation, 'from scratch' design service, but we often find clients wish to be involved in this process. Maybe you have decided upon the lettering you would like carving, or you know the dimensions of the of stone you require, you might have a drawing for
an idea for us to work from, get in touch and we'll do our best to come up with a selection of designs for you to choose from.
When commissioning a stone piece there are a few key points you may want to consider as outlined below.  

Stone type and
Installation Letter type Extra
Stone is carved by two distinct methods, V-incision and Relief.

V-incised lettering can be left as bare stone, hand painted any colour you wish or even guilded with gold leaf.

Relief carving is a more sculptural approach and is usually more expensive.

We predominantly work in sandstone but you may want to consider a stone local to your area.

Choose to have your carving on a plaque, block, slab or freestanding stone.

number carved into granite
V-incision in a grey granite
Plaques - under 5cm thick, are drilled for screw mounting or supplied with hidden fixings*.

Blocks - between 7.5cm and 10cm thick, suitable for incorporating in a wall or building.

Slabs - large stones over 15cm thick, usually concreted into the ground.

Freestanding Stones - pieces large enough to sit securely under their own weight.
We provide your layout in a variety of fonts directed by your own preferences.

It can be useful to experiment in a word  programme with different styles.

Roman Capital T carved in sandstone
Roman Capital T with serifs
You may want a border around your lettering or an emblem including in your design.

Relief carving allows for a choice of finishes for background, smooth dappled or rough.

*hidden fixings are achieved by using an epoxy resin to fix stainless steel rods in the back of a plaque. The rods protrude so they mounted where desired. 

Carving Homepage Place an Order Delivery Info
We will be happy to advise upon your project from choices of stone to letterforms. Whether you would like advice or a full written quotation, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Contact us with your queries, we'll be happy to help
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