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Dry Stone Walling
At StoneandGardens dry stone walling is a fundamental activity. Due to a collapse in the house building industry recently we see a lot of builders 'having a go'. Whilst we accept they may be capable at a basic level, you would not expect dry stone wallers to turn their hand to building homes.
Basic boundary walls, decorative garden features and stout retaining structures are all built to stringent parameters to guarantee structural integrity. Our
Guide to Good Practice outlines how walls are constructed and how to spot poor workmanship. We pride ourselves upon producing work as
 master craftsmen and in all types of stone and styles, prices are laid out below. We also carry out dry stone cladding/facing onto block walls.

Boundary wall built from reclaimed stone
Boundary wall incorporating electric gates and a control panel, built coursed from reclaimed stone.
curved dry stone wall
Curved wall being constructed from reclaimed stone in diminutive courses.
stone kerb staircase
Stone kerb steps encased with a dry stone stop end  built as field wall from reclaimed stone.

Styles and Prices

Examples of different styles of walling are shown below, some are more time consuming than others and are dependent on the type of stone available. For example field wall style can be built with all types of stone and the material is relatively cheap and freely available, diminutive coursed walls require more expensive stone and must be sourced specially. All prices are for the cost in labour per square meter of freestanding wall (we don't charge per face) excluding toppings. These prices do not take into account any other labourer costs such as footing preperation, moving stone to the build site or clearing the finished site as these are all specific to individual jobs and therefore can vary greatly. There are also material costs to consider which are typically £40.00 per ton for new sandstone, £50 per ton for reclaimed stone suitable for field walling and £60 per ton for reclaimed stone suitable for more decorative work, prices exclude delivery and 1 ton will typically build one square meter. Please contact us to quote on your project.

"Coursed walling" built using newly quarried stone prices from £40.00/m²
field wall built in black face stone
"Black faced field wall" a repair built with reclaimed stone found on site prices from
diminuative course dry stone wall built in reclaimed stone
"Diminutive coursed walling"
reclaimed stone with tops cemented on prices from £50.00/m² 
field wall built from reclaimed stone
"Field walling" built from reclaimed stone
prices from £40.00/m²

A typical project - retaining wall rebuild

Collapsed retaining wall
A badly built dry stone retaining wall which has collapsed and requires complete rebuild to prevent a serious landslip.
rebilding retaining wall
The wall is being replaced with a stout construction which has used all the existing material plus a further ten tons of stone to build properly.
finished dry stone retaining wall
The finished structure is topped with sawn sandstone copings and a stone staircase creates access to the lower level whilst breaking up the visual impact of the wall

Dry stone cladding/facing
Guide to good practice
We will be happy to advise upon your project from choices of stone to styles of build. Whether you would like advice or a full written quotation, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Contact us with your queries, we'll be happy to help
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